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Board of Review Meetings

Due to MDHHS restrictions, Board of Review meetings will be held via Zoom.

In-person public meetings prohibited through March 29, 2021.

A revised Michigan Department of Health and Human Services “Gatherings and Face Mask” Pandemic Order announced yesterday to allow contact sports to resume also extends the prohibition on in-person township, and all public, meetings through March 29, 2021. The revised order continues to prohibit indoor non-residential gatherings to no more than 10 people from no more than two households. The order goes into effect on Monday, Feb. 8 and runs through March 29. Outdoor meetings can be held, with gathering restrictions. Other types of indoor gatherings or activities may be allowed under the order as long as persons comply with the safeguards in the order, including wearing masks. However, MTA notes because the Open Meetings Act prohibits turning a person away from a meeting of a public body, indoor public meetings do pose a different situation. Even though a township can refuse entry to its hall or other facility if a person seeks to enter without wearing a mask or following other required safeguards, the township does not have that ability when a person seeks to enter a meeting of a public body. As a result of the order, the March board of review meetings MUST be held virtually or outdoors. As a reminder, “virtual” does NOT mean that everyone must participate via a computer. Most virtual platforms allow people to phone in, including using a landline phone or cell phone.

Virtual Access to the South Arm Township Board of Review via Zoom

You may access the meetings with a computer, smart phone or a regular telephone.  If you plan on using your computer or smart phone you will need to download and install the free Zoom application which is available at Once you have downloaded and installed the application you will have both video and audio access to meeting.

Computer Access

  1. Click on the Zoom icon for the application you downloaded and installed. 
  2. Select “Join a Meeting”.
  3. When prompted enter the meeting ID.
  4. If prompted enter your name.
  5. If prompted select computer audio.
  6. If prompted select computer video.
  7. Once you are connected you will be placed in a waiting room and will enter the meeting when you are first in line.  All participants will be seen in the order of their connection.

Telephone Access

  1. Please call 1-312-626-6799. Be advised toll charges may be incurred.
  2. When prompted enter the meeting ID.
  3. When prompted for a participant ID simply touch the # key.
  4. You will be placed in the waiting room and will be called into the meeting by order of your call.

Schedule of Meetings

Tuesday 3/2/2021
10:00 am Organizational meeting
Meeting ID: 841 6074 3221

Monday 3/8/2021
3:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Meeting ID: 862 1206 6374

Tuesday 3/9/2021
9:00 am until 12 pm
Meeting ID: 867 2705 8649

Tuesday 3/9/2021
1:00 pm until 4:00 pm
Meeting ID: 880 3953 6711

Additional Information

The following links will provide you with the Board of Review petition. Please fill out and return via Email, Postal Mail, or by dropping off directly to the Township hall and placing in the drop box by March 8, 2021


POSTAL RETURN: South Arm Twp., PO Box 304, East Jordan, MI, 49727

SOUTH ARM TWP HALL ADDRESS: 2811 M-66, East Jordan




ROBERT CHRISTENSEN: (231) 536-2444