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Tax Information

In addition to mailing taxes, you may also USE OUR DROPBOX, LOCATED ON FRONT PORCH AT TOWNSHIP HALL.

The South Arm Township along with BS&A have partnered with Point & Pay, a company that will offer online payment options. Credit/Debit card payments will incur a Property Tax Convenience fee of 3% of the total payment. The fees are collected and retained by Point & Pay.

To view/pay your property taxes:
click on the link below, and then log in (top right corner) with a user name & password:

Please take note* if you are paying your property taxes past the due date; any interest or penalty incurred will be paid to the township in addition to the fees that Point & Pay will be administering if you use their service.

Depending on the volume of daily mail, the treasurer is usually in office throughout the week to handle collections and post payments. If you would like to pay taxes in person, please call and set up an appointment.

Summer taxes are due Tuesday Sept 14, 2021. Starting Sept. 15, 2021, a 1% interest per Month will be added. The treasurer’s office will be open from 9-5 on 9-14-2021 to receive payment.

Winter taxes are due February 14, 2022. Starting Feb.15th through Feb 28th a 1% interest and 3% penalty will be applied. The treasurer’s office will be open from 9-5 on 2-14-22 and 2-28-22 to receive payment. On March 1, 2022 unpaid taxes become delinquent and the township will no longer accept payment. Please Call the County treasurer’s office @ 1-231-547-7202 to receive the correct amount due.

Multiple parcels (in same season) can be paid with one check, but please do not combine your Winter & Summer Taxes in one check.

Mortgage Escrows: Tax information will be forwarded to your bank, per their request. Property owners receive an original bill, mortgage companies receive a copy.

Receipts are provided upon request only. To request a receipt, there are several options: simply make a note on your payment stub, go to and print your bills and receipts, e-mail request to: or call 231-536-2900.

Postmarks are NOT accepted by South Arm Township as on time payment. Please be sure to allow time for delivery of your payment. Unfortunately, your mail no longer comes direct to East Jordan. All mail goes through Traverse City first, which results in late payments, so please send your payment in before the due date allowing at least 5 days for delivery.

Address corrections: Please update as soon as possible to avoid a delay in receiving your tax bill. Contact Charlevoix County Dept. of Equalization to update @ 1-231-547-7230.

Board of Review (BOR) Corrections: Corrections for the current billing year (July & Dec.) will be made within a week of the Board of Review meetings that are held in July & Dec. If you know you are on the docket, please refrain from paying your tax bill until the BOR meets. This will expedite the process of change without delay and unnecessary refunds. Prior year BOR corrections are handled by the Charlevoix County Treasurer’s office; contact their office for inquiries at 231/547-7202.